Cold Stone Therapy

Cold stone therapy is the process of using chilled marble stones that have been specifically cut to shapes that can easily be applied on the face or body. This is a wonderful modality for those suffering from tension headaches and migraines. Cold constricts the blood vessels in the body and which alleviates swelling. It promotes healing and reduces pain in the injured muscles and tissues. Cold stones are placed gently around the face and neck, while the therapist very lightly massages the face and temples. Depending on the clients needs, heat may be applied to the feet to draw blood away from the head which will alleviate migraines and headaches.

Urban Massage is now proud to offer cold stone therapy! Cold Stone Therapy sessions are currently bookable with Caitlin, Dovie, Julia, Megan, Kelsey and Brianna.

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Example of cold stone therapy

Example of cold stone therapy


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Rocking is a massage technique that involves the therapist pressing on either side of the ribcage to rock the spine back and forth.


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Eucalyptus is great for the treatment of wounds and respiratory problems. It naturally fights fatigue, and is used  for mental and muscle relief. Eucalyptus is a great essential oil to have on hand with a plethora of uses! It is a fresh and calming scent and compliments many other essential oils. Try mixing lemon or lavender with it for a uplifting blend, or cedar wood for something more medicinal and meditative.

Eucalyptus Oil and Leaves

Eucalyptus Oil and Leaves