Term of the month – Range of Motion, and Essential Oil of the month – Wintergreen

Term of the Month – Range of Motion (‘ROM’):

rom skeleton

December’s Term of the Month is one that means…well, you might have guessed it, because, it’s just about exactly what it sounds like it means!  The official medical term for the full movement potential of a joint is indeed called its Range of Motion. In other words, it is a term to define how far you can move each of your joints in their various directions as well as in their types of motions – meaning how they extend, and how they flex.

rom hand

A healthy Range of Motion is important for keeping your whole body – head/neck to littlest toe – flexible, strong, mobile, balanced, and pain-free. So, pretty important!

Each specific joint has a normal Range of Motion that is expressed in degrees. The reference values for the normal ROM in individuals differ slightly depending on various factors, which can include age, gender, current health, and health history (i.e., if perhaps there has been an injury in your past). For example, as an individual ages, they will typically lose a small amount of ROM. Another example might be a knee that measures a deficit, in degrees (10 degrees, twenty, etc.), of full extension, maybe due to an injury.

Devices to specifically measure Range of Motion in the joints of the body include the goniometer and inclinometer. These tools use a stationary arm, protractor, fulcrum, and movement arm, to measure angle from axis of the joint. Math AND science, guys.

Your Range of Motion can be maintained and improved with stretching and exercise, and with massage, which can stimulate circulation and relax muscles, post-stretching/working out, or, anytime.


Essential Oil of the Month – Wintergreen:


Wintergreen oil is extracted from the pretty (and festive!), dark green leaves of the wintergreen shrub, and is considered an evergreen, as it thrives and blooms with bright red berries, all year round. The oil drawn from its leaves is fresh and minty and strong, and because of its potent strength, caution is advised for its users. A little goes a long way, which is why it will often be combined with a carrier oil to dilute it slightly, when being used in topical applications.

Wintergreen is wonderful for opening up the respiratory system and bringing the mind focus and clarity. A few drops in a warm bath will soothe your skin and muscles, aid in circulation, and its refreshing and uplifting scent is gorgeous, too.


A last, quick note. Because this talk of wintergreen has us in the holiday spirit, it also reminds us that this is our last blog post of 2017. Thus, it is a perfect time to reflect on what a wonderful year we at Urban Massage have had, thanks to you – our awesome clients. A year of growth. Thank you sincerely, for allowing us to be your partners in health, relaxation, and serenity during the past twelve months. We are proud of the exciting things to come at UM in 2018, which we cannot wait for you to be a part of, with us.  Have a restive, safe, and lovely holiday, all.

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