February Essential Oil of the Month: Peppermint


First of all – HAPPY LOVE DAY!  ((1000X heart emojis)).  We start our Valentine’s Day blog post with our Essential Oil of the Month and end with a fun suggestion for a way to show your dear one (or yourself) some love, in the coming weeks.  Read on, pals:


February’s featured Essential Oil is a supremely popular one, because of its insanely long list of useful applications. It’s peppermint – and it’s kind of a little miracle.  Peppermint is believed to have originated in the Middle East and Europe, but by now thrives cheerily in just about every corner of our globe.

There are many variations of the peppermint plant, because it has been cross-cultivated into hybrids and strains so many times.  The properties of the plant – that it’s hearty and it’s easy to grow, as you may have experienced yourselves if you have it in your herb garden – are simply so desirable, that there are many kinds of peppermint today.


For that matter, peppermint itself is widely believed to be a hybrid itself, of two lesser known (but still popular) strains of mint.


In fact, it is so widely used in so many ways, that virtually all of us have utilized it before.  How many of us were given a peppermint by a grandma or an aunt to “settle your stomach”, when you maybe overindulged on the ol’ cookie tray (maybe I’m projecting but also I can’t be the only one)?  And it works!  Soothing digestive troubles is just one of the well-known properties of peppermint.


It also offers its users a range of uses for topical applications, and this is where its essential oil comes in.


Because of its cooling and revitalizing sensation when applied to the skin, peppermint is regularly used to soothe a variety of aches, tensions, pains, and even itches.  You’ll find its oil incorporated into various pre-packaged products for soothing muscle strains, for just one example.

These properties combined with its naturally refreshing and deodorizing properties mean that you’ll perhaps most often see it suggested in DIY home remedy recipes as well for your sad, tired, aching, overused, underappreciated feet that need some serious love (again, I am pretty sure I’m projecting here).

feet heart

On that note: We get asked all the time about your feet.  Here are our top three most often heard inquiries, with regards to the topic of FEET:

Q: Do we have any DIY home remedy suggestions for soothing tired feet?

A: Sure do. Add a couple drops of peppermint essential oil and a healthy scoop of Epsom salts to your foot soak.  It’ll feel amazing and it’s good for your skin, too.

Q: Do we offer just feet and leg massages?

A:Yup, of course. We suggest booking a 30 minute session with one of our therapists. It’s awesome.

Q:Could we show you (or your loved one….) how the fine art of foot massage works?

A: Well, since you’ve asked so nicely….the answer is, yes!

Because this is such a popular request, we want you to know we hear you and are acting on this awesome suggestion.  In the coming month you will see that we’ll be offering a class on this topic from our nice new workshop space, and you’ll be able to sign up to snag your spot, then.  Keep your peepers peeled and we look forward to seeing you in the shop for this class or for a massage, or both, soon.


Finally – Happy Valentine’s Day, to you with lots and lots of love and serenity, from us at Urban Massage.

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