Frequently Asked Questions 

Don't see your question here? Give us a call and we will be happy to help answer any remaining questions you may have.

What will my first visit be like?

Please arrive at the office 5-10 minutes before your scheduled massage appointment time. When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a basic health history and release form.  Your massage therapist will then guide you to the massage therapy room where they will ask you a few questions to make sure that the massage is tailored to fit your needs for the session. The therapist will then leave the room and give you a few minutes to change and lie on the massage table. When the therapist comes back, they will knock on the door, ask if you are ready and the massage session will begin.

Where are you located?

1507 Plainfield Ave NE  Grand Rapids, MI 49505

We are located in the Creston Neighborhood directly across the street from Creston Brewery. 

Is there parking?

Yes. We have metered street parking and there are two free city parking lots located less than a block from our building.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. Gift cards may be purchased online through our website where you can then print them out at home or email them to the recipient. You may also come in during our posted office hours to purchase a gift card in person.

What are your hours?

Monday - Saturday




Why do I have to give my credit card number to hold my appointment?

Our clients' and therapists' time is valuable. Holding an appointment with a credit card ensures that clients keep their scheduled time, or if they need to cancel it, it ensures adherence to our cancellation policy.

Will I be charged a fee if I cancel my massage appointment?

As long as you follow our cancellation policy, you will not be charged a fee.  

Cancellation Policy
Please cancel or reschedule your appointment by 8pm the night before your scheduled appointment time. When scheduling an appointment at Urban Massage you are reserving our massage therapists time, and we will hold that appointment time for you unless requested otherwise.To avoid being charged the full price of your massage service, please let us know if your schedule changes in a timely manner.
A valid credit card or gift card number is required to reserve an appointment time at Urban Massage. We do not charge the card until after you have received your massage service. 
How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please include your full name and the date and time of the appointment you wish to cancel or reschedule. 

  1. Email Us
  2. Text Us 616.843.0730
  3. Call Us 616.843.0730
Do you take walk-in appointments?

Yes, if there is an available spot. We do not guarantee appointment availability for walk-ins, but you can always try. It is recommended that you call to check availability first. 

Do you offer couples massage?

Yes, we have availability for couples massage. If you and your favorite person want to receive massage together in the same room at the same time, we have availability for that. Online booking is not available for this service, so please call us if you wish to schedule a couples massage.

Please try to schedule this type of massage at least a week in advance. This will help ensure that two therapists are available at the same time on the day of your desired appointment.

What type of lotion or oil do you use?

Each therapist chooses what brand of lotion, oil or massage cream they use during a massage. All lotions, oils and creams the therapists use at Urban Massage are required to be specifically formulated for massage services. Be assured that only the highest quality products are being used during your massage session. 

If you have a specific request regarding the type of lotion, oil or cream used during your massage session, please notify us prior to your appointment time so your therapist has time to accommodate your request.

What do I wear?

It does not matter what you wear to the office for your massage. Before the massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. Most clients undress completely or wear their undergarments during the massage session. You will be underneath a sheet and blanket the whole time, and are never lying naked on the table with no covering.

Can I be naked?

As long as your body is underneath the sheets and blanket, you are not required to wear your clothing during a massage session.

Do I have to have the sheet and blanket on during my massage?

Yes. Always. Lying completely naked on the table is not an option.

Do you have shower facilities?

No, not at this time.

Do you have a sauna?

No, not at this time.

Do you handle insurance?

No, not at this time.