Elliot Melendez

Education: Blue Heron Academy

Graduated in: 2016


Hi, my name is Elliot. I graduated Blue Heron Academy's 600 hour medical massage program in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2016. My studies have given me a strong foundation to grow and learn new massage techniques and stretches to better help my clients.

Currently I enjoy medical, sports, and relaxation massage, but in the future would be interested in learning Thai massage as well. I am committed to working hard, constantly educating myself, and taking on any and all challenges to make massage work for you.




"I was suffering from a back spasm and Urban Massage was able to schedule me that day! Elliot located the spasm right away and worked their magic. I was able to return to work for an important meeting later that afternoon. Thank you, Elliot and Urban Massage!"

-Facebook Review

"First time at Urban Massage and I can say my experience was very pleasant! I was assigned with Elliot M for a concentrated massage of my upper back in order to help with a pissed off nerve. I have been into bodybuilding for a long time and very hardcore in my past. I believed I may have some scar tissue that has built up over time creating a knot pushing on my Ulnar nerve. Elliot was very knowledgeable with this and went right to work .. they did happen to find a knot. Their technique was very effective and they hit every point that would be affected by an upset Ulnar nerve. I feel they were dead on track with what needs to happen although it will take several visits being the culprit (knot) was a build up over years and never addressed. I'm very happy to have had Elliot's professional opinion and help with my condition! I highly recommend Elliot M!"

-Google Review

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