Cancellation Policy
Please cancel or reschedule your appointment by 8pm the night before your scheduled appointment time. When scheduling an appointment at Urban Massage you are reserving our massage therapists time, and we will hold that appointment time for you unless requested otherwise.To avoid being charged the full price of your massage service, please let us know if your schedule changes in a timely manner.
A valid credit card or gift card number is required to reserve an appointment time at Urban Massage. We do not charge the card until after you have received your massage service. 
How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please include your full name and the date and time of the appointment you wish to cancel or reschedule. 

  1. Email Us
  2. Text Us 616.843.0730
  3. Call Us 616.843.0730

Regular Massage

30 minute - $45

55 minute - $70

85 minute - $95

2 Hour - $145

Example of cold stone therapy

Cold Stone Therapy

30 Minutes of Cold Stone Therapy
Cold Stone Therapy w/ 30 Minute Massage 
(55 minutes total service time)
Cold Stone Therapy w/ 60 Minute Massage
(85 Minutes total service time)
Cold Stone Therapy with 60 Minute Massage
(2 hour total service time)
eco fin

ECO-FIN Hot Oil Treatment


Foot Treatment - $10

Hand Treatment - $10

Eco-Fin is an all natural alternative to paraffin wax treatments.  It is completely biodegradable and safer than paraffin.

Eco-Fin helps with dry cracked hands and feet. It has been known to relax muscles, increase blood flow, relieve joint stiffness and reduce pain. People struggling with arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament ailments, tendinitis, sprains and pulled muscles may find Eco-Fin treatments very helpful.

Add this treatment to any 55 minute, 85 minute or 2 hour massage for a little extra TLC for your hands and feet. 


Specialty Massage

30 minute - $50

55 minute - $80

85 minute - $110

2 Hour - $165

*Specialty massages include techniques such as Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Cold Stone Therapy and Prenatal Massage.



Lake Michigan Hot Stone

55 Minute: $90

85 Minute: $120

*This service is only available with Jenifer. This service is not bookable online. Please call to book 616-843-0730



Schedule a massage at the same time with your favorite person! Book a doubles massage. There are two different ways to book a doubles:

  1. If you want to be in the same room at the same time, we have one doubles room available. [Same room booking is unavailable for Hot Stone Massage and Prenatal Massage] 
  2. If you don't mind being in separate rooms, but would prefer to come in at the same time, we have six single rooms available.

We recommend booking this service at least one week in advance to ensure therapist availability for your desired day and time. 

Doubles massages are priced per person. See "regular" and "specialty" services on this page for per person pricing.

*Call to book/check availability 616-843-0730

* Online booking is unavailable for this service.